Thursday, May 30, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 10

Say "please" and "thank you."

Common courtesy counts – plain and simple.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 9

Never, ever blame. It keeps you stuck in the past and a victim. Instead be creative, innovative and find a solution. Be the victor that you are!

I am awe struck how amazing life is when I take full accountability for my life. I use to lament, if only my childhood would have been better. If only Exxon had not been such a negative workplace. While I might not have had many options as a child, I am much more powerful than I gave myself credit.

The power I have is choice! Those situations did not define me – my choices do!

I am self-empowered to live my greatness today and every day. And so are you!

Live BIG!
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 8

Know it is perfectly okay to make mistakes, just not the same ones! There are new ones to be made.

Go to the root and resolve the mistake once and for all.

I am always reminding my clients to stop throwing money at problems. Get to the root cause and fix it!

Same goes for mistakes. A personal example is that I use to give until I was depleted and then resented the other person. Crazy –huh? I had not told him or her about my depletion, I expected him or her to read my mind.

Now if I am getting to a breaking point – I point it out. And when I am really being healthy, I set the boundaries and expectations upfront or as soon as the first "infraction" occurs. Discussing when emotions are energy neutral has changed the quality and dynamics of my relationships.

What recurring mistakes keep you from living your greatness?

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 7

Let those who are special to you know it! Feel it! Lavish them with appreciation and love!

Life is speeding by. I can get wrapped up in demands, expectations and doing and forget what is truly important - moments of joy, of love, of connection.

Recently I almost lost a valued friendship with my doing and perfectionism - standards. I had forgotten to express my sincere appreciation for all he had done. I’ve been at the receiving end of such treatment, and did not like it. And in fact, have walked away from such treatment and the relationship. Thank goodness he did not and the lesson learned.

It was a 2X4 whack on the head for insight 7. I’ve become much more cognizant of saying the words "thank you", "you matter" and showing appreciation in other ways to everyone who is special. I am even more aware of scratching behind the ears of my rescue puppy.
And guess what, I am happier now!

Who do you need to lavish with appreciation and thanks?

Go for it! Live happier!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 6

Take the high road – no matter how difficult – in all circumstances to live free and unencumbered. Learn to respond, not react from the emotional turmoil that might have been triggered.

My emotions can run high at times. The good ones I enjoy! The negative emotions I am trying to tame. Not so easy! When I have been triggered by a person or event, my emotions can spiral me and my actions into a dark spot with negative outcomes.

Knowing that, I now choose to be conscious of the reaction and ask, “What are you here to teach me? Am I over-reacting? Was that their intent?” and take long slow conscious breaths which transport me from fear to understanding and freedom to respond appropriately.

Appropriately is the key.

You are not your emotions.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 5

Apologize and ask for forgiveness when the occasion arises. Don’t let pride ruin a relationship or your business.

Oh my goodness, apologizing can be hard. But what I know for sure, when I did not apologize when it was appropriate, I lost a part of myself either in trust, credibility and/or relationship that was overall good.

Yes, maybe my super-sized ego won, but did I win in the long run by losing what is dear to me?

Do you have any apologies to make?

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 4

Be kind to everyone to live life without regrets.

As I look back on my life, I have never regretted being kind. I have regretted speaking in anger, seeking revenge, letting my super-sized ego rule.

I choose to be kind. I’ve decided looking over my shoulder for payback is depleting to my spirit and energy.

List the situations that led you to reacting and living in regret. Is that how you choose to live your future?

The choice is always yours!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 3

Watch your words. They have the power to create or destroy.

Speak and declare only blessings to create your bright, wonderful and awesome future.

I declare that your future will be brighter than your past. I declare you are a victor. I declare you are a success in all that you do.

I declare that God has great things in store for you.

Pick 3 blessings to declare on yourself, on others. Now do it!

Be the encourager – be the blessing!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 2

Live your dreams boldly. Do what resonates with your heart – the genius within.

Live your life purpose on purpose.

Stop trying to please everyone.

Who’s life are you living?

Dare to be the greatness that you are!

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