Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Live Your Greatness Today! Insight 1

Disturbing, distressing and tragic events rock my world. The tragedies heighten my awareness that each and every breath is a priceless gift to be treasured and enjoyed, to live from my genius and greatness today, and to not postpone happiness, love or doing good in this world.

These 2X4 reality checks trigger reflections about daring to be greater in a world where it becomes increasingly apparent that tomorrow is not guaranteed. The insights I have learned and sharing in the next several blogs are posted to do good in your world today and every day.

Insight 1:
Life is too short not to enjoy each and every moment. Learn to take yourself and life sincerely, not seriously.

In what ways could you lighten up to enjoy this glorious moment?
Smile more!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good Exercise

Let’s make the complex simple today.

What do you want?

What do you have?

What actions could you take today to close the gap?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Team Question for Success

This is a great exercise for newly established teams or for those groups that have gone off-track.

Call the team together.

1. Ask each team member to articulate what they need from each person in that room or as a collective group to be successful. Write the answers down on a flipchart.

2. Have a dialogue regarding the answers collectively.

3. Do a new flipchart with key behaviors and actions.

4. Ask for agreement to model these behaviors. Once you achieve agreement, have every person sign-it.

5. Post the flipchart. Revisit the flipchart as needed. 

If the dynamics are really strained, do this exercise with the following modification to step one. Ask the individuals to write on a post-it note what he or she needs from the group to be successful. Then have them put on the wall, grouping their response with others that are like theirs. Then facilitate steps 2 to 4. If things have really gone south, consider getting a neutral outside party to facilitate.

From my experience, a leader is only as good as his or her collective team  

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spark Excitement

Call for a quick brainstorming meeting with your larger team. Illicit their answer to the following three questions to re-energize a depleted, stressed out team.

One: What’s working? What do we have to smile about?

Two: What makes us special?

Three: What is your specific gift to the team?

Ignite and engage others with the positive!   

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your Communications

Identify one specific thing you can stop doing today to be a more effective communicator. Then commit to staying conscious and changing it.

For those who need examples, common “stops” include:



Pontificating on the same point ad nauseum.

Being distracted while someone is attempting to communicate with you.

Listening to gain ammunition instead of attempting to understand their frame of reference.

Having to be the center of attention as all times.

From my observations across three continents, stopping a negative behavior can be as profound – if not more -- to your credibility as starting a positive behavior.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Painting a Vision and Masterpiece

What is the vision for your team and organization?

Is it:

Big enough to inspire and engage others?

Does it illicit an emotional response?

Did others have a role and say in developing it?

Does each individual know how they specifically contribute to its attainment?

Is it easily repeatable and understandable?

How many people can recite it with a smile?

What are the two to three critical success factors for its attainment? Did you get input and a reality check from the troops? Are they “too” strategic?

Are you passionate about the vision and its attainment?

It always begins with you!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keeping Leading and Life Simple

Who can you encourage today?

Who needs a smile?

Who can you recognize for their contributions?

What can you do to mend a broken, frazzled relationship?

What are you excited about -- how can you share your passion?

What can you and your teams do differently today to have more success?

What one action would spark innovation?

Identify and take action on each of the above to make every day your best day!!!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013


A proper self-assessment and self-correction is a great thing. It helps us reach our full potential. It keeps us relevant, builds our capacity, gives us  courage and strength and much more.

Self-criticism, however, inhibits greatness. It depletes by leaving a sense of self-doubt, churning and yuk.

We are works in progress – a learning wonder.

Go for wonder and excellence, not perfection.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Accountability and Leadership

Being a leader is hard work. My executives at times struggle with holding others accountable. They tend to either rescue the individual by doing their work or “writing them off.” Neither helps the individual, the team or organization.

The basis of accountability:

Clearly state the expectations and your success outcomes for the assignment and role. Have a dialogue to ensure there is understanding.

Ask them what they need from you for success.

Check-in with them for updates and progress – avoid micro-management and abdication. Give sincere praise and encouragement if they are on track. Talk about corrective action, if needed.

At the first sign something has run amuck; ask questions to seek out the why.

Was it lack of resources, time or coaching or was it negligence or oversight? Do not let things fester.

Give corrective feedback as needed. If the same situation arises, confront head on immediately and give appropriate consequences. If they choose not to improve, then take needed corrective action. If they do improve, give them positive feedback for the change.

Accountability for performance always begins with you. You set the standards.

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