Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The choice is ours!

Last night at UNT I had a heart-to-heart monologue with my students. I apologized stating I was about to begin a monologue since it was a change in my engaging and interactive behavior.

I admitted I was bummed. I had emails from 2 students stating they were missing their third class. I agonized all day wondering what to do since it meant they would fail the course. I did not want them to fail. I had done every thing I knew how to set up the students for success. I spoke to the Director. She said it was my choice.

As I spoke to the students, looking them in the eyes, I said it was their choice to go for excellence as several had or to show up as several had and be okay with mediocrity.The choice was theirs. Actions had consequences. And if life plays favorites perhaps it was because some people chose excellence while others chose getting by.

I ended with the choice is ours.

And then we had 2 inspirational presentations by the students and once again I was inspired with tears of joy.

My point, all we can do is our best and do all we can to inspire -- the rest lies with them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Welcome Triggers

Really? Am I living in lala land?

Recently I was triggered by 2 events --- what I call land minds. My entire being went into shutdown mode to attempt feeling safe.

My aha I want to share is that how can I be the leader and example I want to be if I do not have completeness on the inside. I can't.

The triggers came to bring to my consciousness just what needed clearing out so I can shine more brightly and lead more courageously.

Triggers are just friends in disguise.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spirited Leaders are Passionate!

Have you lost your passion?

Have you lost the spark that made you -- you?

The time is NOW. Harness your personal power -- do not give credence to the memories that might linger on. Release them You were always loved. You always mattered. You have a unique purpose.

Experts can be wrong.

Stop being you critic.

Love yourself. Be kind to yourself to greatness.

Soar higher -- learn more. Choose to read Spirited Leadership to be free!!

You are meant for GREATNESS~

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Passion Ignites!

I get to teach at UNT -- Latinas and Leadership. As part of the class, I have asked powerful Latinas and role models to share their experiences.

Yesterday my speaker was Lillian Romero, CEO of comadre,com. Her passion and purpose -- her confidence -- ignited the spirits of the students and me :). The word impossible is not in her vocabulary!

Are you igniting others and being a role model of the possibilities of excellence in action?
Are you extinguishing the flame in others by having lost hope in your dreams and life goals?

The choice is ours!

Lillian fanned my flame -- my passion and purpose. My passion is igniting greatness, giving hope to the hopeless and weary, to be that smile and hug. To be the example of faith and better choices. I should be a statistic. As I wrote in my essay to Harvard -- "In closing, my personal and spiritual growth made me aware of the need to help others realize their self-worth and uniqueness. They are their own greatest asset. I look forward to accomplishing my life goal."

You matter! Get ignited!