Thursday, July 24, 2014

Faith or Fear -- the Choice is Yours!

Choose faith! Give hope!

Many of my clients are experiencing  dramatic changes. Your role as a leader is to embrace the change -- it is going to happen regardless. Embrace -- find the good -- speak about the possibilities for innovation and building the capacity of the individuals.

Fear keeps you stuck. Faith keeps you moving!

Move to a bright future. There are NO wasted experiences -- ever.

Gain the learnings and SOAR to new heights of awareness and potential.

We are pure potential. It is our fears that keep us small.

I've played small long enough -- how about you?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Be You!!!!!!!!

Hello again -- finally.

Life has a way of getting weird. I am blessed to teach what I most have to learn. Trust is the key.

Trust the process of life.

Trust that you will be given what you need, not necessarily what want.

The last several months have been topsy-turvy. Be resilient regardless of external forces is the focus of my third edition of my first book. Holy cow! Don't write something until you are ready for the tests. There have been many.

The end result, what counts is being me. While achievements, position and status are wonderful -- they can be fleeting as I see in my life and the lives of my clients. Being me -- now that's eternal -- seeing love beyond the fear.

Not the lesson I wanted, the lesson needed. Be love. The other stuff can just hold you hostage if you do not keep it in the right perspective.

wishing you joy to joy!