Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Currency and Cannibalism

I have observed across 17 industries and 11 countries that when the almighty dollar, pound, crona or whatever the currency is the only driving force, the workplace becomes very competitive and even cannibalistic. The energy that could be used for innovation to compete in the marketplace is used inside the organization for competition at all costs.

There is only One Almighty, Your worth is established -- priceless! Do what is right, living with integrity and a spirit of excellence has greater worth in the grand scheme of things than your bank account.

Trust me, I love money, too. Is it worth your reputation, your integrity and spirit?

The choice is yours.

What I know for sure for me, living a life of excellence and service helps me sleep at night.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ignite Your Passion!

The best leaders are passionate -- their mere presence gives others a hope and a future -- inspires confidence.

Have you lost your passion? It's pretty easy in today's world of distractions and demands. I know I did.

Get it back! Live the dream in your heart -- that is your purpose. It does not matter what others think, if it matters to you -- it matters!

I believe it is time for you to SOAR!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You Don't Need the Title to Be a Leader!

Happy Tuesday! Titles are nice for sure. However it is your actions that make you a leader. With every action, you are communicating your brand.

If you are clueless as to your brand, start noticing the reactions of others as you approach. You are always getting feedback.

Friday, February 14, 2014

We are our choices.

I've missed posting my blogs. However, I did not have the energy. While on my safe haven trip to Cancun in early January, an unfortunate incident triggered deeply seated memories which I wish would have stayed hidden.

It was a bunch to the gut that set me reeling into the past and the darkness. The darkness is much more familiar than the light. It has taken me years with faith and better choices to break through the curses and strongholds of childhood. By grace, I am still here. I should be a statistic.

I now have another piece of the puzzle for my behaviors and actions of the past. While it has been hard going through it, I knew I had to versus just shutting down.

Your DNA, past or environment do not define you -- YOUR choices do. You are far more powerful than you know. Keep the faith! I am here for you! I am only a blog away!

Big hug and check out my February newsletter on choices by going to and clicking energizers than newsletter. my twitter account fuels your divine spark which cannot be extinguished IgnitingSpirit.