Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What's Diluting Your Effectiveness?

As a person and leader, everything counts. There are  NO neutral actions! None!

I am off on a consulting/intervention assignment, the client's organization is stuck in negativity.

Negativity is a waste of precious energy! If you or your team or stuck in the blame game, festering and negativity, here's a few question to ask yourself:

How did I contribute to this situation?

Am I exhibiting blame and life is not fair or finding solutions?

One solution is to leave. Change the situation by speaking your truth in a way it is heard, see if action is taken if not, than change your attitude or leave. There must be a reason you are still there. Is it fear you won't find another position? Do you have student loans to pay-off? Whatever the reason, than stay with a good attitude. There are no victims.

I have soooo many more questions for you.

Start with these.

You always have a choice!

Monday, January 19, 2015

You are Always on Stage

Whew -- reality can be a bit unnerving for sure.

YOU ARE ALWAYS ON STAGE. Someone is always watching. You are always communicating. There are NO neutral actions. People and organizations have long memories.

Make you unique mark on this world by staying conscious and building your brand with your actions.

You get to create the memory you leave with others.

What memories are you living and leaving?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Words Have Power!

Happy day wherever you are!

If you are not happy, what words are you using to describe your current situation?

Our words have the power to energize any situation. I finally got it! When I use words like stepping stone instead of stumbling block, I shift my energy and find better solutions. When I use opportunities instead of obstacles I feel empowered, not weary.

Use your words wisely and create the life you want!

You are far more powerful than you imagine!

Friday, January 2, 2015

An amazing 2015 for an amazing you!

This is your year to soar to new heights with people!

Start the new year right by being easier on people, including you. That does not mean you allow dysfunction, it means:

giving people the benefit of the doubt
giving praise and encouragement
saying please and thank you
listening more and speaking less
and more behaviors and actions like these.

Remember, excellence is great. Whereas perfection kills energy and is a waste of valuable resources.

2015 is your year!!! Blessings and joy!

Here for you!