Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I love Thanksgiving celebrating in the US because it reminds me to be thankful! I have shelter -- lovely in fact. I have work that I love -- yay! I have a great nephew, wonderful friends and more. I am healthy -- yay! I am grateful I am not a turkey.

I remember the days when my issues had issues -- my life full of drama. Today I only have a few issues -- laughing -- and much less drama. Better choices better life.

I am grateful my third book is published. The 52 Ways helped me go from drama and self-condemnation  to more peace and self-acceptance. I am grateful

What are you grateful for?

Blessings to you and yours!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

You Have Nothing to Prove

Promise. Just be you.... Your best you. If  you have a bad day, no worries, just learnings as to your triggers that need to go bye-bye. There is a difference between proving you can overcome a challenge and proving you have worth. 

Which drives you? 

Thought you might find this blog interesting, gives you insight into me and why I was compelled to author the third edition of my 1998 ground breaking best seller.

Sending a big hug.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Happy Tuesday! Do things at times seems like a battle? A constant uphill climb?

All I can say is hang in there!

It has been quite interesting publishing the third edition of my 1998 groundbreaking book. I had to share my insights and wisdom gained over the years to give us hope and courage to live a life of excellence and self-expression regardless of external forces -- to live from our greatness and potential, not our fears.

I say "us" on purpose -- I write what I most have to learn.

Get the book today at The 52 ways have been a life changer for me and I know they can be for you. Live empowered! Live energized!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Happy Thursday! I've been so passionately involved with my coaching, television appearance, panel discussion, book launch etc., time got away.

I've had 3 epiphanies.

1. Passion gives you courage. My TV appearance was on Unimas. I had a great time going for it even though my Spanish is a bit rough. I got lost and involved in the message, not in being self-conscious.

2. With my passion, the interviewer felt my energy, calling and the interview was interactive. We had an interesting conversation, laughed and carried on. We've already been in touch!

3. Passion is the competitive advantage because there is no competition when you are living your passion. You are being you!

Live your passion and be energized!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hi! Just back from San Antonio to attend nephew's kick-off campaign. Very interesting!

While there my iphone would not charge. In fact, the charger no longer fit no matter how hard I tried. Went to AT&T and they told me I needed to go to Apple store. Something was stuck in the port that kept it from charging. Got to Apple, told them my dilemma. Fixed in 5 seconds by removing debris. I did the happy dance, the guy laughed.

The morale behind this story -- what debris is keeping you stuck and uncharge-able?

Live unstuck and unlimited -- charged up!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What is Your Brand?

Happy Tuesday! Just back from a coaching assignment in Silicon Valley.

2 insights I want to share:

1. Everything is a coaching moment. Be constructive and positive.

2. Know your brand -- what you want to be known for, the reputation you want.

When I asked that question about one of the senior leaders, the people being interviewed had no clue.

If you do not know where or how to start, go to and buy the book. It gives a blueprint for branding and more!